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Author / Educator / Instructor

Author / Educator / Instructor

Author / Educator / InstructorAuthor / Educator / Instructor

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The Story of  Henry the Hungry Hound


What could prevent a kind old woman, whose love for baking her delicious pies, suddenly discovers her plans may change?  A mischievous but lovable pup named Henry, who waits for the opportunity to devour those tasty pies.

Discover how this sweet old woman displays patience and also creates a clever solution for Henry’s naughty behavior. Could Henry be the only culprit in these kitchen capers? A final twist on the last pages reveals a silent partner that encourages the young child to use their imagination and question Henry’s guilt. 


To access the Member Activity Kit and “Naughty Henry” Soundtrack, please select the “More” tab on the navigation bar and select member activity kit.





Henry was loved by the old  woman in our story.  She was always  kind to him.

Let’s find some ways that we can be kind   to others.


Here are some ideas that   will help you get started:

Today I helped my family   around the house by ________________________________________________

Today I said something nice   to __________________________________________________________________

I shared my toys with   ____________________________________________________________________________

I made a card for __________________________________________ someone   who was very nice to me.

I helped my teacher at   school today by _________________________________________________________

I was kind to my pet by ___________________________________________________________________________